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Your Body Is A Canvas

Updated: Jul 27, 2018

This will always be a controversial topic and as one of my friends once told me, it’s a great conversation starter!

People’s opinions vary so much and people are very passionate about these topics. I personally don’t think there’s anything wrong with them. All together I have 5 piercings, 2 in the bottom of each lobe and one on my left cartilage. I love them and I really want to get 2 more of my left ear so they all connect. I have never felt that people treat me differently because I have piercings and it defiantly hasn’t stopped me from getting into uni and getting a great placement.

I find that it is the older generation that are against piercings, for example one of my mum’s friends said that her daughter wanted to get her cartilage pierced and she refused. I then told her that I had mine done and that I didn’t even tell my parents. It took them about 6 weeks to find out and by them I had made my point; no one noticed and why should others care so much about what you do to your body?

With tattoos, I don’t have any, but I have friends who do and they love them. I would love to get a tattoo but I’m scared of the pain. I agree that some can come across as tacky and not very nice, but as long as it means something to the person or symbolises something important in their life, when who am I to judge? I’ve heard many times that “If you get a tattoo, employers won’t want to hire you” and I think that is complete rubbish! At work, there are a tone of people who have got really high up jobs and they have tattoos and piercings. I mean, just having one extra whole in your ear doesn’t make you stupid, or uncapable to do a job that you could do before the piercing. Again, I think it’s a generational thing, my parents and grandparents are so against tattoos as they say they are pointless. But if I did get a tattoo, I would make sure it is tasteful, meaningful and in a place where if I needed to cover it up I could.

Soon enough the younger generation will become the older generation and the opinions of society will change.

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