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You Only See What I Choose To Show You

Updated: Jul 27, 2018

I love this quote so much as it applies to everyone. We all have a façade that we give off to the various people who we're with. For example, you act differently when you're with your mates, to when you are with your grandparents, you may not, but I find most people do and I defiantly do. I think this contributes to why my friends think I'm a closed book.

When I first meet people, I feel quite shy and reserved and I don’t give much away. I also just love listening to people’s stories about their life and asking them questions. Ironically I get quite uncomfortable when people ask me too many questions. Sometimes, I feel like I'm prying in to their lives and they may not want to tell me their deep and darkest secrets straight away, but I still ask anyway! Similarly, I don’t really tell people things about me unless they ask, as I feel if they don’t ask then they’re not interested.  

The more I get to know people the more I tell them and the more I become myself. I'm very different to the first impression that I give off to people. I’m not really shy at all and I have quite a dry sense of humour and like to take the mick, but I only do this to family and friends who I know would see it as a joke!

I see myself as a ‘mirror personality’ (I have no idea if that’s a thing!) but when I’m with people who are really outgoing, I then then tend to come out of my shell a lot more and be more boisterous. However, when I am with shy people, I am usually more reserved and shy. Again, is someone is awkward, I then become more awkward and it’s a whole awkward mess that I don’t like! This is why all my friends are crazy nutters because it means I can truly be myself and be as crazy as I can. (I hope they don’t mind me calling them nutters but some of them really are!!)

This is another little insight in to who I am. I’m hoping, that gradually you’ll know everything about me, within reason!

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