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Why Start a Bullet Journal?

Updated: Jul 27, 2018

I love doing my bullet journal, it’s a place where I can just write about anything or just do a bit of doodling. It doesn’t matter when you start it, whether it’s at the beginning of the year of half way through, it’s such a good way to let out your feelings. I’m not going to tell you what to put in your bullet journal or how to set it out, but this is what I have done.

I have a personal bullet journal and a work one. In my home one, I just started with a year overview, where I’ve put friend’s and family’s birthdays (so I don’t forget!). I then have the goals for the rest of the year and what I want to achieve. After that I go straight into the diary section of my bullet journal. I write bullet points on my day and little tasks, if there are any. In-between the diary inserts, I have drawings or pictures to separate it out. I write anything and everything in my bullet journal; I’ve my holiday planning in there, as well as abstract drawings, shopping lists and lists of my favourite TV shows and movies. Here are some pictures:

In my work bullet journal I kind of use the same principles. I start off with a contact page, so people can find me and so that I remember my work address, email and phone number. I then have a page of the details of my placement, just in case I need to know them or tell someone about them. I have a page of what tasks that I know I have to do every day, just as a reminder. I then draw in a weekly planner, for any tasks that I will need to complete or if anyone is having a day out of the office. Then I go straight I to my daily notes.

I love my bullet journals as it not only keeps me organised, it gives me a memory of what I have been doing and give me the opportunity to look back on them at a later date and relive those memories.

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