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What Is Fashion To Me?

Updated: Jul 27, 2018

I know that a tonne of blogs are about fashion and what looks good and what people should and shouldn't wear but this is me letting you know what I think looks good on me. Fashion, for me, is about being comfortable and chilled, why should you have to wear something to make someone happy or impressed if you aren’t comfortable.

I had a conversation with my mum a couple of days ago, about getting dressed up. She wanted me to dress up for a BBQ in a summer dress, whereas I wanted to wear jeans and a nice t-shirt. She was saying that nowadays people have lost the sense of occasion. I completely disagree with her, we have a sense of occasion but there is a time and a place for everything. It was a BBQ, outside, in the British summer… lets be real, it was cold and windy and looked as if it was going to rain. I was sat at the party, warm and comfortable whereas my mum was looking lovely in her summer dress but was freezing.

When I go to work, I wear comfortable trousers and skirts with baggy shirts because I want to be comfortable. Why should I feel like I have to wear something really fancy if I know I am going to be uncomfortable and self-conscious all day? I mean what is the point. As long as you are comfortable then why should you have change?

Fashion is subjective and if you think you look good and your comfortable, then that resonates out to others and instantly gives you confidence which is a very attractive trait.

Here are a couple of my favorite comfy looks: 

New Look jumpsuit

Hat: TK Max - Tops and Jeans: New Look

Jumper and jeans from New Look

Jumpsuit from Quiz

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