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Uni Blues

Updated: Jul 27, 2018

I’m really starting to miss uni at the moment, like I love working and I love my job, but I went to go visit some of my friends, who have just started their 3rd year down in Bournemouth and I miss it. BIG TIME. I miss the freedom I had, I miss being able to get up at 11am and no one judging you, and just being able to sit in your PJs all day and no one care.

So, it took 5 hours to drive down to Bournemouth last Saturday, as the M3 was closed, which I was very much unaware of. So, I ended up driving all the way to Winchester to then have to drive all the way back, through my village, to then get on the A3 and go via Portsmouth and Southampton. Thank god I was seeing someone worthwhile, well ish, it was Ruth.

To give you a summery I lived with Ruth last year as well as with this guy called Anand and two other “people”. Ruth and Anand are living together this year, with another friend called Issy. We all chilled for a while and Issy made us an amazing steak! Then Ruth and I decided to go to Weatherspoons, as per. We also met up with some other friends from their course and it was so much fun and defo drank a little too much.

Its times like these where I just wish I was back at uni and able to do that all the time without having to drive home after a night out or wake up at 6am in the morning. As I said I love my job but I wish I could work and month and then take a month off and then work again and so on. That would be ideal but not viable. I guess I’ll have to settle for just popping down for weekends. (Hint Hint Ruth).

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