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Trying American Candy

Updated: Jul 27, 2018

A couple of weekends ago I went to visit my friend (who’s basically my sister) and her boyfriend.

We had a tonne of fun which included a cute afternoon tea, Wagamamas and then we played billiards with a couple of drinks.

While we were in town we found one of these American Candy shops so had to buy a couple of treats and do a taste test!

The first thing we tried was the tootsie roll... I’ve heard these mentioned on so many sitcoms soy expectations were high! Not gunna lie they weren’t for me, they tasted like the inside of a toffee quality street which sounds like it would be nice but in a quality street there’s chocolate to make it sweeter but the tootsie roll was much less sweeter. So unfortunately I wasn’t too keen.

The next thing we tried was the gummy twizzerly red sweet. That kinda tasted like you were eating a strawberry lip balm. I persevered and ate my one but my friend Hannah gave up after a couple of bites because you know... not everyone is keen on eating lip balm!

We then decided to go for the apple sour sweets, now hannah had had these before so we knew at least one of us liked them. They were actually the best sweets that we had picked, I think. They were really nice but so sour. So sour that they made me eyes water every time I had one! So far 1/3!!

In the morning, after the billiard and drinks, we were feeling super lazy so we decided to have the pop tarts for breakfast. We tried to go as Authenticator as possible so we popped them in the toaster and waited. We went for he blueberry ones and we defiantly made the right decision they were really good! We one had one pack so there was only enough for one each but they were really nice.

I then left to go home so o didn’t get to try the pretzel m&ms but they sounded really nice! But I did take me reeses peanut butter egg with me and ate that at home. Now I really don’t like Cadbury’s cream eggs so I was really apprehensive but it was really nice... very peanut buttery but also really good!

It was such a fun weekend and I can wait to visit again!

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these sweets and what did you think of them? Also what their sweets would you advise I try next??

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