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Updated: Jul 27, 2018

I'm lucky enough and privileged enough to have been to so many countries around the world. In total I've been to about 20 countries, in almost every continent in the world, minus South America and the Antarctic; which I am dying to visit some day.

Living in the UK, it gives you so many opportunities to travel around Europe and the one that stands out for me is a cruise I went on with my parents quite recently. We went all around the Mediterranean including countries like; Spain, Italy, Sicily and France. I had so much fun! Not only was the traveling amazing and seeing all the different countries, but the cruise was an experience in itself. There was entertainment every night and they organised some activities in the day for us as well. I will touch on these in later blogs, I'm sure of it!

As said in my 'A Bit About Me' page, I am from China and was born there, but moved to the UK at the age of 1 and a half. Since then I have been longing to back, and in 2012 I went to Hong Kong on a family visit around Australasia. I wasn't born in Hong Kong, but it was still lovely to visit the country where I was born and could have grown up in.

This was my first big trip around the world, including long haul flights. Long haul flights were amazing to me! I mean, I would watch TV for almost 7 hours in one go! What a dream! What I didn’t account for, was that on these flights you should sleep or else you can’t fully enjoy you time in the country you are visiting.

The next big adventure I went on was to America, Canada and Iceland. We did this family holiday a year after going to Australia, so by that time I was used to these long flights, or at least I thought I was. I had a tonne of fun out there, and we got the chance to meet some of my mum’s old friends who lived in Washington state.

After that we went up in to Canada to see the Rockies and travel around there for a couple of weeks or so. We then ended the trip in Iceland, which was like a separate holiday in itself. I loved Iceland but I was so jet lagged from the flight so I didn’t get to fully appreciate it. We obviously went to the Blue Lagoon which lived up to the reputation of its name and I'd love to go back there and see Iceland not in a semi-unconscious, jet lagged state!

The last big trip I have been on was to India. Notice I say tip, not holiday. I went with my school for just under 3 weeks and we manged to do and see so much and I know there will defiantly be another blog about this. But briefly we spent the first week in Varanasi, where we helped teach in an Indian junior school. This was one of the most eye opening parts of the trip. We then spent the rest of the time seeing sights such as the Taj Mahal (obviously), the Castle of the Winds and The Golden Temple, to name a few. I loved going to India but I would wait before I go back as the culture and what I saw out there was shocking and so different to the west. I could talk about India for years but I will leave it for another blog or blogs as there would just be so much to write about.

These are just a few of the key places I have been and I hope to go on a tonne more!

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