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Punch Back and Say “No This is Who I Am”

Updated: Jul 27, 2018

I've taken a week off, as recent events had made me doubt whether to keep this blog going. I then realised that this blog acts as my voice and a place where I can open up, and stopping this would be silencing me and keep all thoughts and feelings bottled up. 

I’m such a paranoid person and permanently caring what others think of me and wanting to keep them all happy, which I know is impossible. I  take things very personally even if they aren’t directed at me and I will worry for days and days about stuff that have little significance to others. As most people do, I try to hide all these insecurities but you need to have an outlet and this is what my blog is for. 

Knowing that people are reading my posts and are probably judging me, is such a scary thought but I have to face these fears and because of this I've decided to keep my blog going and I will come back bigger, better and stronger than ever! 

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