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PB & Sugg Life Pop-Up Shop

Updated: Jul 27, 2018

So, last Sunday, when I saw my friends in London, I also went to the PB and Sugg Life pop-up shop that was in Covent Garden. I have only really just got into Youtubers, in the sense I have been watching them for just over 6 months, but being able to go to the shop was so cool! I loved the fact I could see them planning it, preparing it and then actually opening the shop.

I had been watching Alfie, Zoe and Joe showing spoilers of their merch on their social media sites and I was thinking how cool it would be to not only go there, but buy something too, so when my friends said they wanted to meet in London I was defiantly going to go!

The shop was only open on the Sunday from 10-4 so I got there for about 10:30 maybe just after but the que was already pretty long buy then! Luckily I was only waiting for 30 mins and then I was in. Unfortunately neither Zoe, Alfie or Joe were there, but then that mean that I could just focus on the merch! I ended up buying 2 T-shirts, a pop socket and a signed poster:

I know can can’t see the pop socket, but that because it’s on the phone I took the picture with!

It was so cool and I now feel like I have achieved something with my life!

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