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My Skiing Must Haves

Updated: Jul 27, 2018

I’m going skiing soon and I’m super excited. I haven’t been skiing for 8 years so I was having a little trouble remembering what I should pack, until a friend of mine suggested I write a list of all the essential skiing gear.

I thought this list could make a good blog post for those of you who are going skiing and blanking on what to pack. Bare in mind as I said I’m not a professional so these are just a couple of ideas of what you could pack. Also I’m presuming you know you need skis, poles etc.

General Essentials:

  1. Phone

  2. Camera

  3. Wallet

  4. Passport

  5. Money

Ski Essentials:

  1. Thermal legging and long sleeved top - to ensure you are keep warm in the snow but layering up underneath

  2. Thick socks - cold feet are the worst things in the world so defo need the thick socks

  3. Ski gloves - again with the thick socks cold hands are the worst

  4. Ski trousers/salopettes - ski trousers are not only warm and cosy but they are water proof to ensure you stay warm and try when surfing the slopes

  5. Ski jacket - defiantly needed to ensure you stay warm at that altitude

  6. Jumpers - wearing as many layers as you can is good to keep warm, but bare in mind that you may get warm awhile skiing so don’t go to thick

  7. Ski goggles - these are pretty important as you don’t want to get anything in your eyes or get blinded by the sun on your way down the slopes

  8. Sun glasses - if goggles are not your style then sun glasses are important as you need to protect your eyes (be careful of tan lines!)

  9. Helmet - this is a must as safety is very important

  10. Hand walmers - as you ever know when these can come in handy

Skin Care:

  1. Hand cream - your skin can get very dry and cracked in high altitudes and you want to keep soar hands as bay

  2. Lip balm - similarly to your hands, you lips can get very dry and cracked and that’s no ideal

  3. Sun cream - as briefly mentioned before, you don’t want to get sun glasses tan lines so suncream is a must. It can be surprising how tanned you get up a snowy mountain.

Please comment if you know of other essentials that I have forgotten and I’d love to know if you have skied before and when you when!

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