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My Make-up Essentials *

Updated: Jul 26, 2018

Thought I'd share some of the make up products that I like to wear on a day to day basis.

I always start off putting the Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser* on my face and neck as I find that the more make up I put on my face the drier it feels and Simple just seem to get the formula just right.

Also, as you can tell from the picture above, I don't really put on foundation but I use Rimmel London's Insta Flawless tinted primer* in the shade 006 Light Medium. I feel like it does the same job as foundation but without it being really heavy on your face, and it gives you more of a natural look. Its also SPF 15 which is always a bonus!

Then I grab the Wake Me Up Rimmel London Anit-fatigue Concealer* in the shade 040 in Soft Beige and swipe it under my eyes, down the sides of my noes on my chine and in the center of my forehead. I then take my Real Techniques Beauty Blender* and dab in the concealer. I used to rib it in but then I found that it would rub the concealer off and it would be absorbed into the blender.

Next I then power my face using the Stay Matte Rimmel London Long Lasting Pressed Powder* in 005 Silky Beige and rub my Ecotools Sheer Powder Brush* round it in a circular motion and just dab that over my face to set the concealer and the tinted primer.

Next I like to do my contouring. When I'm going out or if I want to put more of an effort in to my looks I use the Sleek Contouring Kit in Medium 885* and the Real Techniques, by Sam and Nic Sculpting Brush*. I tap the brush in to the darker shade and blow the residue of a little and then place it under cheek bone. I do a quick swift brush going from the top of my ear down towards the corner of my mouth. I do this for both sides of my face, the top of my forehead right by my hair line and then just under my jaw. I then brush the lighter shade on the top of my cheek bone and then on my T-zone.

Following that I brush over some blusher! I'm currently using the Rimmel London Natural Bronzer* in shade 021 Sun Light. I love this so much but I am so keen to try something new so of you have any suggestions please let me know!!! I just brush it ever so slightly above where I put the contour just to add a little bita glow!

Next are the Brows! Now I just give them a little brush over with my Ecotools Brow Brush* and then fill them using the Rimmel London Eyebrow Pencil in 004 Black Brown*. I feel like brows really help to shape your face and eyes but on a lazy day I just give them a bit of a brush.

I use the Rimmel London Scandal Eyes, Precision Micro Eyeliner* in black. I love this one in particular as I find the tip to easy to use and as I try to do subtle liner it really helps to keep the line thin.

Now, I don't really know if this is weird but I put my eye shadow over the eyeliner! Is it just me who does this? As I've said, I'm for the subtle liner so by putting the eye shadow over makes the line softer. I use The Body Shop 02 Eye & Cheek Palette (I think I have an old version but here is the new one) as it has the basic smokey eye colours and is makes it so easy to grab when in a rush. I apply the eye shadow using my Eco Tools Eye Shading Brush*.

I'm dying to be more adventurous with my eye shadow so any suggestions let me know!!!

This is just a little over view of my my basic make-up routine let me know if you want more if these kinda posts!!!

*This post contains some affiliate links which means that I may make a small commission of any purchases you make through these links, at no additional cost to you. I only recommend products that I use and love!

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