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My Indian Adventure

Updated: Jun 17, 2018

Where do I begin… going to India was such an emotional roller-coaster filled with so much joy when seeing the kids pull funny faces at you, so much adrenaline when riding in a tuk tuk down a busy Indian street and so much sorrow when having to leave such a beautiful country.

I went to India for three weeks with my school and some of my class mates. The first week was spent helping and teaching in an Indian school, while visiting a mentally and physically handicapped orphanage and a deaf and dumb school on our days off.

Teaching at the school was hilarious, as clearly we're not trained teachers. Me and two other of my friends were given a class of 70 children and were told to 'just teach'. We looked at each other and then at these smiling eager children ready to hang on to every word we said. After five minutes we had managed to get them all on their feet, jumping up and down and repeating words and copying actions that we had taught them. We were all having so much fun that we hadn’t realised that after the first ten minutes the fans had stopped working and we were jumping up and down in 35 degree heat and 80% humidity.

Visiting the mentally and physically handicapped orphanage was the hardest part of the trip. We had all been told to put donations in our hold bag and use the hand luggage for our own clothes, now I understood why. The orphanage looked bare, you could tell that the nuns that ran it did all they could to try to make it look cheerful. I spent most of my time with a blind four year old girl who was so week she couldn’t walk and she spend all day every day sitting on her chair. From these experiences it made me realise that although we were only a 9 hour flight from home, it felt as if we lived worlds apart.

We spent the rest of the trip traveling around India seeing all the famous site like the Taj Mahal and the Red Forts in Agra, we also road an elephant to visit the Amber Fort high up a hilltop in Jaipur. We also went to Amritsar to see the border closing ceremony with Pakistan and to visit the Golden Temple, which was like an out of body experience. We also went on an Indian overnight train, which was interesting to say the least. To round off our trip we went to Deli and visited Gandhi’s resting place.

The only phrase to sum up the trip is that it was the best adventure of my life. I also wrote a diary when I was out there, so I may share some inserts with you, but for now here are some of the best pictures I took when I was out there.

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