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Marathon Walk

Updated: Jul 27, 2018

Last weekend I did a marathon walk in aid of Guide Dogs with Toyota. It may seem that I have suddenly got in to completing long distance challenges but I have been training for a while but nothing could prepare me for that marathon walk.  

Not only was it stupidly long, it was stupidly painful. Not going to lie, I thought that doing the 10K last week would be sufficient training but I really don’t think it was. After the walk my back, feet, legs and bum hurt so much, my friend and I had to get a lift back from the finish back to Toyota Headoffice. We were in so much pain! 

Not only was the walk super intense, my fiend and I got so lost it’s unreal, however, we did manage to find our way back with the help of a random cyclist who I think we owe our lives too (not an exaggeration)! 

However all in all the walkers managed to raise over £6,800 for Guide Dogs as well as other people in the company donating throughout the week aswell. It was a great experience and I do it again, but only if I knew where I was going and had lots of breaks throughout the day! 

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