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Updated: Jul 27, 2018

I am a huge fan of Alfie Deyes or Pointless Blog, as he’s known on Youtube. I love watching his daily vlogs, they give me time to escape from my life and be immersed in to his.

Today’s vlog really stood out for me. He sometimes does little bits to camera where he gives his viewers some advice. Today he was encouraging people to go out and make their dreams a reality. I found this particularly relatable, as I've just done a retake exam for my degree.

I was so gutted when I found out the result earlier on in the summer and that I’d have to redo the exam; to make matters worse it was on a topic I really enjoyed. I persisted and the exam went so much better than last time and in general I’m feeling much better about it.

Watching Alfie’s vlog just made me realise how happy I was with the decision I'd made to just carry on and not give up. His positive outlook, along with his girlfriend’s Zoe or Zoella, has encouraged me to start this blog and pursue this.

He said, he has surrounded himself with people who are determined and accomplish what they set out to do and for me as a viewer watching him, he has clearly done the same and that has inspired me and I’m sure inspired many others.

I love the message that Alfie gives off but today made me feel particularly positive and I just felt like I needed to share it.

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