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Longing for Lisbon*

Updated: Jul 27, 2018

As promised here’s my Lisbon post.

(Wearing dungarees* and black cropped top*)

I went with one of my best friends to Lisbon and we booked it literally a week before we went. We decided that a spontaneous trip was exactly what we needed and as neither of us had gone to Portugal so where best to go than the capital.

Like when we went to Budapest, we decided to go for an Air B and B which was pretty much in the centre Lisbon so we could walk straight in to the centre of the city. One thing that I do find interesting about Air B and B is that apartments abroad are usually much cheaper than places within the UK, strange!

The view from the Air B and B

We landed pretty late on the Thursday evening so after chatting with our amazing host we went out to grab some dinner, little did we know it was 11:30 at night and that most places had stopped selling food. After walking down a really creepy looking ally we managed to find a place that was still selling food so we sat down and started looking at the menus... it was an Indian restaurant. So our fist meal in Portugal was a curry, how authentic!

Having a coffee in our cute apartment.

Friday morning started with a little lie in and a good old coffee. From our apartment we had an amazing view of St. George’s Castle so we decided to head over in that direction. The views from the top were stunning and a perfect photo op!

The view from the top of St George's Castle.

I’d read a blog post about Lisbon and it said there was a famous street with a tonne of stunning street art and I made it our target to find it and grab a few more pics. We ended going to Graffiti Ruine down a street called Patio Dom Fradique. The art there was amazing and that's where title picture of this blog was taken.

We then had lunch and decided to wonder back in the direction of our apartment, on the way we happened to run in to a food market where we could try some food and grab a cheeky drink, or two, prepping for our night out.

Due to sed night out, the Saturday lacked any tourist activity however, we were very productive on the Sunday! We decided to go on a Hop on Hop off bus tour around the sights that were further away from the city centre. We went to the Cultural Centre of Belém and saw some monuments we well as meeting up with one of my friends who is living out there for a year.

The Padrão dos Descobrimentos

As we were making our way home we stumbled upon some street dancers who had managed to gather a night crowd around them with their striking outfits and loud uplifting music.

We also had to get a custard tart that was a Portuguesas delicacy and I loved it, my friend not so much! After learning out lesson from the first night out we just had a quiet dinner out and started packing ready to go home.

This holiday was short but sweet and I loved every minute and i wold defiantly love to go back and spend a little more time in the gorgeous city.

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