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Long Time No See!

Updated: Jul 27, 2018

Hey guys, so its been a bit of a time since I’ve posted on here but better late than never. 

So I know its been a long time but I felt like 1) I wanted some time away and 2) there wasn’t anything interesting to report on... till now...

A couple fo Sunday’s ago I went indoor skydiving with my dad for his birthday. We had so much fun and I was told I was a pro (cue hair flick).

My dad drove us Basingstoke which is where the iFly center was. As we entered we could see all the other beginners having a go and they made it look quite hard and the instructor had to keep hold of them the whole time. Some of the people ended up spinning all the way up to the top of the wind tunnel but it looked a little scary.

Before we got started we had to watch a couple of safety videos and had a little health and safety check with the instructor and then we suited up. We had to up on these blue boiler like suits and a helmet and goggles. 

When I got in the tunnel it was just like floating in the air and it was so much fun and relaxing. The instructor let me go a couple of times and just let me float there. He then span me really fast and then the air forced up the air tunnel was increased and suddenly we were both spinning further and further up almost to the top and then we span all the way down again. We did this a couple of times and it was such a thrill. 

I’d defiantly recommend it to anyone! 

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