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Lexus LC - Ride N Drive

Updated: Jul 27, 2018

Not gunna lie, I'm not a massive petrol head, I can appreciate a nice car but I'm not obsessed. This all changed after seeing and driving around in the Lexus LC.

We were some of the first to see and drive the LC. Unfortunately/luckily I wasn't actually able to drive the car, as I’m not over the age of 25 and I've only had my license for 8 months; however, I was driven around in it by a colleague. He loves cars and has watched F1 and rally races from a young age, so he defiantly knew how to get the best out of the car in the 15 minute allocated time slot we had. 

We drove around the local roads and I've never had an adrenaline rush like! It was absolutely insane! I can now fully appreciate the amazingness of these cars and I'm not surprised so many people are willing to spend so much money on a car. 

All I can say is if you get the opportunity to test drive it do not turn it down, you'll defiantly regret it. 

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