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Updated: Jul 27, 2018

Whenever I go in to supermarkets or shopping centres, I go straight to the stationary section. I'm in love with notebooks and I have what feels like 20 of them on the go. I’ve only recently got in to trying to find notebooks that have inspirational quotes on the cover. You may think that this is super cheesy but I love them and as I am writing in them a lot, for work etc. I want to feel inspired when writing in them. Here is a picture of my favourite notebooks:

I started getting these inspirational notebooks when I was at uni, as I wanted to write my notes in a smaller book so I could take them around with me as I travel. Having a boring cover for a boring subject is so off putting, so I decided to invest in a book with a nice cover and the rest is history.

As I said before I have so many note books. I use one for my bullet journal, which I will talk more about in another blog, one for taking notes when I am at work, one where I write all my ideas for blogs and the rest are probably filled with notes from uni.

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