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I Went Skiing!

Updated: Jul 27, 2018

As most of you would've been able to guess, by either my previous post, "Skiing Must Haves" or my Instagram page, I went skiing!! I had a tonne of fun and it was really nice to take some time off work and spend the time with the family.

Ahhhhh I went Skiing!!!!

We stayed in this cute town called Gap which is in the Hautes-Alpes region. We actually went there this summer and I wrote a post about "The Alps Best Secret".

Before and after

The resort we skied at was in Ancelle which is a 30 mins drive from the chalet we stayed at. The chalet is owed by family friends and it is super cute and is like one of the houses where the whole interior could be showcased in Ikea.

My room!

I've only been skiing once before, so I was a little nervous. I fell over a good few times on our first day as it was really icy and I decided to try skiing parallels... that didn't quite work as well as expected. Needless to say for the rest of that day just used snow plough and tried to remind myself how to turn properly.

At the bottom of the slopes there were a few hotels with little cafes where we could grab some lunch and a cheeky old hot chocolate to fuel us up for an afternoon of skiing.

Yummy hot chocolate (Skiing essential!)

On the Thursday it had snowed so much that we couldn't ski so we did a bit of sledging instead. The snow there was insane...it literally went to half way up my shin and it would've been almost impossible to dig the car out and successfully drive up to the ski resort.

I had to much fun and desperately want to go again!

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