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How Many Likes is my Life Worth?

Updated: Jul 27, 2018

This poignant lyric from The Chainsmokers song "Sick Boy" reflects the dependency some people can have on social media, to be happy or feel like their life is worth while.

I've grown up in this "new" social media age where I have multiple accounts across all these different platforms. They're places where people can portray themselves in a way they'd like to be seen as opposed to how they really are. People, not only teenager, are desperate to have as many likes on their posts as they can, to prove they are pricelessly popular and pretty much perfect. But in reality, is that what really makes them happy?

I recently read this article which states that the Indonesian island of Bali is set to turn off mobile internet services for a whole day, to mark the sacred Hindu holiday of Nyepi. Nyepi is also knows as the Day of Silence and its a day of reflection, contemplation and a period of introspection. I think that cutting yourself off from the internet for a day would be the best thing that some people could do.

According to the Washington Post, teens spend nearly nine hours every day on social media. This can't be good for anyone both physically and mentally. Although the Millennial are notoriously know for being glued to their screens, I think all generations are guilt of this. Think about people in offices who are constantly staring at a computer screen or those sat at home watching TV or even people reading a book on a kindle, surly that's the same principle, right?

I understand that social media and the internet have opened so many doors for us, but while doing so it has closed many others. For example, social media is praised for the fact that news can now travel so fast and we can show our support for crises such as the shootings in America almost instantaneously. However, fake news stories and political propaganda can also slip through. This has happened so drastically to the extent we can't even tell the difference between them any more.

I would never expect everyone to leave social media or stop using the internet forever, but taking a day away from all screens would make people view their world in a very different light.

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