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Friends Are The Family You Choose

Updated: Jul 27, 2018

So far, I’ve spent this long bank holiday weekend chilling and hanging out with friends and family.

On Friday I went to Nando’s with some of my friends from work and played board games in the evening. I loved this so much, as there was only 4 of us and we could spend quality time together. I know this sounds so cheesy but it was great! At first I was a little worried that it would be awkward, as we’ve only known each other for about 5 weeks, but it was so chill and we just hung out. I live about an hour’s drive away from work, so when we have socials, I can’t drink and I can’t be out too late as I don’t want to get tired while I’m driving. However, this wasn’t even an issue on Friday and it proves as long as you have good company, you don’t have to get drunk or stay out late to have a good time. We sat in all evening and played Cluedo and it was so much fun. Don’t get me wrong I love going out clubbing and that, but sometimes quite night in is so much better.

On the Sunday, I went to London for one of my uni friend’s birthday. I hadn’t seen some of them for about 2 months and it was so nice to just sit there in the sun and catch up all day. Yes, we did have a couple of drink and we went the TGI Fridays, which was amazing! Again, both my friend and I had to drive back from train stations, so we couldn’t really drink but we all had 2 drinks over the 5-hour period, even those who could drink like a fish! It was such a good day out and we are defiantly going to do that again soon!

I’m an only child and I’m one of those people who have a small group of really close friends and then a larger group of friends as well. But to me my friends are like my family and being able to see them over this long weekend was amazing!

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