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Updated: Jul 27, 2018

I've just seen an advert on Youtube of Cara Delevingne, in partnership with Puma, where they are wanting to encouraging women worldwide to share their stories, their struggles, their strengths, their passions. They're filming these stories in episode form on Youtube for us to see. In each episode, Cara meets with different women – from self-defence classes to Ugandan refugee camps – and hears their stories.

I think this is so inspiring as Cara knows that she can influence a lot of people and get more of us aware of the struggles other women are facing around the wold. It seemed like the original plan was for Cara to go out to Uganda and see what these strong and brave women are facing but she said she was inspired to do more and give these women and all women a platform where they can be heard on a much larger scale. I know Uganda is one of the many countries where women are struggling but we can only change with one country at a time and what Cara is doing out there and now is amazing and really giving these women and opportunity to show us how determined they are.

She not only works Uganda she travels the world wanting to hear more stories from other women and how they cope with their struggles. At the moment, there are 4 episodes and other videos giving us and insight in to what to expect later. This is truly inspirational.

You can find the playlist here:


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