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Daydreaming About Denmark

Recently (well..... when I wrote this) I went to Copenhagen and I had such a good time. I was helping to host some influencers at an event so I got to live the lavish lifestyle for a weekend!


I made sure I got to the airport super early as I was meeting our guests. Thankfully they all arrived early so we could get going with no real hassle. 

On the plane, I was sat by myself, but don’t you worry, I ended up sitting next to a group of lads who were just about to go on a lads holiday. They were such banta and we just chatted pretty much the whole flight. 

When we landed our transfer van was already waiting for us so we hopped on and headed to the Copenhagen Island Hotel. When we got to the hotel I suddenly realised that it was on a mini island with a stunning view over the harbour. Everyone had rooms facing the river so I’m sure many pictures were taken showing the view from all our windows. 

The room itself was amazing and very luxurious. As I had had an early start I just wanted to watch a bit of telly and chill for a bit before heading to our welcome drinks.  

We then met up for a welcome presentation and I decided to go for a smart casual look, but as I was watching all the guest come down they were wearing lovely long dresses looking gorgeous and I felt a little out of place. 

We then took a boat tour around the city and saw some of the key sights such as the parliament building, the opera house and Amalienborg Palace, before reaching our final destination; Michelin start restaurant Soren K. The food was delicious and there were 4 lovely courses to enjoy.  

Taken from the boat tour.

Once we got back to the hotel my friend and I decided to go for a little walk around the harbour and we saw the cycle bridge light up and the reflection on the water was amazing! 

Taken from København S.


After an early start we decided to go as see Tietgenkollegiet Halls at the University of Copenhagen, which is supposedly the best uni campus in the world, and you know what, it lived up. The building is circular and in the middle there are a couple of benches and a little garden where students could chill. As you look up from the centre you can look in to all the flats kitchens, this isn’t a coincident, it was designed this way as it meant if students were having a party of the other side of the hall all the only students would be able to see and have the option to pop in and party. The room are located towards the outside of the circular building so everyone gets a nice view of some sort. It was amazing to see the campus and I loved it. 

Next we popped to the University of Copenhagen Botanical Gardens and we sat there for ages taking in the sun and admiring the flowers.  We then got chatting to some Danish students and we got to compare the British University experience to the Danish one. They were so lovely and it was great to chat to them.

University of Copenhagen Botanical Gardens.

We then made our way back to our hotel for a couple hours of down time and to get read for dinner. We went to the well known Meatpacking District of Copenhagen to grab some cocktails before heading to Gorilla, the restaurant. We were then presented with 12 players for food and then a couple of desert dishes. The food was so good but there was just much of it. We ended up leaving the restaurant at like 1:00 am and headed straight to bed. 

Sunday - (Our last day in Copenhagen!)  

We all decided that we were going to have a bit of a lie in due to the late dinner the night before. 

Sunday was pretty chilled and we decided to start or day off by going to the smallest cafe in Copenhagen, Central Hotel og Café. This was so cute, it has a little coffee section with one guest room. After the coffee the next destination was the beach! We grabbed a couple of pictures there before heading back into the Center of Copenhagen to see the queens palace up close. 

Central Hotel og Café.

We then had a delicious buffet lunch at (restaurant) before heading back to another beach where could all chill before boarding our plane back to London Heathrow. 

This lovely pic was taken by @adamtde! Defo check him out!

I had so much fun in Denmark, although we had to keep up with a pretty busy schedule I managed to see a tonne of sights and I defo want to back again as export more of this stunning city! 

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