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Can Sizes Lie?

I've recently started watching Lucy Woods YouTube Videos and they are amazing!

The one that got me in to her channel was "TESTING SIZE 14 JEANS ACROSS TEN BRANDS - THIS MAKES NO SENSE | LUCY WOOD". In this video she tries on 10 pairs of jeans that were all supposedly the same size from different brands to see if the sizes change. She found that shops have inconsistent sizes, surprise surprise. Some shops made their sizes a little bigger so make the customer "feel better" about themselves whereas others make them smaller.

I have recent experienced this when I went shopping in New Look. I'm a size 10 and I'm happy and confident in that, but when I started trying jeans the other day I started to doubt myself. As I was pulling them up they just got tighter and tighter and I was so confused. I had just popped into Primark and all the size 10s fitted me fine but in New Look they didn't. After watching Lucy's video I then realised what New Look were doing.

I wonder if brands realise how much power they can have over their consumers.

I wonder how many people have gone into shop thinking they were one size and then having a brand tell them that in their eyes your bigger or smaller.

I think this can have a detrimental effect on so many people and the fact that Lucy Wood is shedding light on the matter is amazing. Shops need to address this and see the effects these size adaptations are having on people's mental health. The experience that I had in New Look could be seen as a trigger and it all could have been easily avoided if sizes stayed consistent over different brands.

To me the solution seems simple, let me know what you think.

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