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Can Money Buy You Success?

Updated: Jul 27, 2018

I don't think money can necessarily buy you success, but I think its defiantly a contributing factor.

Think about university fees. Students are being charged £9,000+ for 3-4 years on education alone, this is disregarding the fact that most teens want to move away from their family home and live in a new part of the country. These students will need to pay for accommodation, food, drink, gas bills, electricity bills, water bills, sewage bills and then some extra spending money, as they will want to go out and do other things. One thing that costs, that I wasn't made aware of when I started uni, was that if you want to join a Student Union club you'll probably have to pay member fee, which is money that could be better spent elsewhere. Everything just listed adds to the lump sum that they will eventually have to pay back.

I'm luck enough to have parents who are will to pay for my living expenses so I'll only have to pay back just over the £27,000 tuition fee, minus the compound interest that would basically double the amount I'd have to pay back anyway. Also, while I'm on my placement I am being paid a salary and living at home, so most of my money this year is going on my car and petrol, which means I am able to do some saving.

However, not everyone is as fortunate as me and when they're 18 and deciding whether to go to university, all they see is a mountain of debt that they would never be able to pay off for a degree, when they could get an apprenticeship or a paid internship where they'd only have to pay living expenses while also getting paid. To be fair, that sounds very tempting and I'm not surprised more and more students are going down this route.

The only thing is, degrees are seen to be better than apprenticeships right? WRONG! It really annoys me when people compare these two options and pit them against each other. These options are completely different and the experience the student would get can't be compared. They'd all be going to the same place just taking two different routes.

I've had a privileged upbringing and I'm very grateful for it. I feel like it has opened so many doors for me and allowed me to see and do so many unbelievable things. I've managed to get work experience for companies such as IBM, AXA Insurance and EY, which were all based in London, giving me valuable business experience. I've had the chance to go to Lourdes in France to volunteer and help handicapped children, as well as going to India and teach kids of all ages. All these activities have been popped on my CV and that was what got me in to university and then got me my dream placement. Everything has helped but if they hadn't happened, I would still have the determination to succeed, it just means that my journey has been made easier.

Therefore I can reiterate my first statement: I don't think money can necessarily buy you success, but I think its defiantly a contributing factor.

I'd love to heard what you think, and what your answer would be.

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