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A Lie Can Travel Round The World While The True Is Putting Its Shoes On

Updated: Jul 27, 2018

I find this quote so fascinating, as it sums up the world we live in; whether you are a celebrity or a student, rumors are always being spread about you. In the new era we live in, social media contributes hugely to false allegations about or against a person. 

There are so many rumors spread about celebrities. Journalists and the paparazzi say that the reason they do this is that it interests the public. There is a movie, $ellebrity (2012), which tells the real stories from celebrities points of view. The public says that the reason they don't sympathize with the celebrities is that "they knew what they were getting in to".

I think this is totally untrue, famous personalities start off with a passion for the art  but then everything else gets in the way, one person who defiantly springs to mind is Johnny Depp. He love acting and loves going around in public as characters but as himself e is uncomfortable and it is a disgrace that the paparazzi insist on following him. 

One of my acting heroines is Jennifer Aniston, there have been and there are so many rumours about her or concerning her. The press are so obsessed with the beak up with her and Brad Pitt they have basically written their own soap opera about it; Jennifer Aniston plays the innocent victim, Brad Pitt plays the lying cheater and Angelina Jolie plays the evil, scheming other woman. However I feel that in reality thing are completely different. Obviously I cannot say what is really happening but I think it is far from what is being publicised.

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony were also featured in the movie. They were saying that it has got to a stage that they couldn’t even tell their friends and family that they were going to their wedding as it would cause chaos for them. They had to tell their relatives that they were coming to a family party. Despite this the press still managed to find out it was their wedding and got helicopters to take photos with people climbing on their walls to take photos. I am sure that when Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony decided to come into show businesses they were not expecting this.

I think this is disgraceful and that things should change. However in an ever changing world where communication is getting more and more technological, which gives more room for misunderstanding and this is when most rumours are created.

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